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Frequently Asked Questions

1.0 Grapevine Canyon Ranch

2.0 Accommodations and Facilities

1.0 Grapevine Canyon Ranch

1.1 What is a guest ranch?
Guest Ranches began early in the twentieth century when people from the cities wanted to experience the romance of the West and the life of the cowboy. US president Teddy Roosevelt was an avid promoter of the western way of life - probably doing as much as anyone to romanticize the Guest Ranch.

Today, there are two types of Guest Ranches. The majority are really resorts in a western setting. These ranches offer every luxury one can imagine - horses and cowboys are there to provide some local color. The other kind is most often a real working cattle operation, and the guests become a part of the family, part of daily ranch life. (Return To Top)

1.2 Where is Grapevine?
Grapevine Canyon Ranch is about 85 miles (150 km) southeast of Tucson, Arizona, in legendary Apache country - the land of Cochise. The ranch is located in a beautiful secluded canyon of the Dragoon Mountains in southeast Arizona, at an elevation of 5000 feet (1500m).

The canyon is heavily wooded with Arizona oak, manzanita, and mesquite trees, with plentiful wildlife and many species of birds.
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1.3 What is there to do?
As much - or as little - as you want! Our most popular activity is horseback riding. We are very proud of our horses - all good, honest, willing ranch horses which we use to work cattle. They will give you some wonderful rides into truly unforgettable country. We know you'll enjoy them, whatever your riding level - novice, advanced, or in-between. We have the horse for you!

One of our many exceptional hiking trails takes you to the site of an old Indian village. Grinding holes, the bedrock mortars in which the Indian women used to grind acorns and corn can still be seen today.

There are over sixty-five species of birds in our canyon alone. This is incredible rock-hounding country, and certainly a photographer's paradise. Oh, yes. We have perhaps  the best thing of all - peace and quiet as you've never experienced before ... and a heaven full of stars. (Return To Top)

1.4 Directions to Grapevine

Click above for a local map and detailed directions to Grapevine from Tucson. (Return To Top)

1.5 Airport pickup
We'll be happy to pick you up at Tucson International Airport. Transportation to and from the ranch is available at an additional cost. Contact ranch for details. (Return To Top)

1.6 Where do we stay?
We have two types of accommodations:  casitas and cabins. Detailed information can be found on our Cabin Information page. (Return To Top)

1.7 What about the weather?
It is exceptional - was there any question? Our winters are pleasantly warm during the day, though chilly at night. We can get a dawn frost, yet in sheltered places petunias bloom all winter long. Spring and autumn are outstanding - lots of swimming and sunbathing, yet cool enough for riding, hiking, and exploring.

But ... it is our summers which are surprising. Because of our elevation, we are much cooler than Tucson and Phoenix, with our summer temperatures rarely exceeding the mid 90s Fahrenheit. With the dry air, it is extremely pleasant. Summer is an overlooked but truly magical time here in the high desert - one more people should enjoy! (Return To Top)

2.0 Accommodations and Facilities

2.1 What's Included
Rates include your accommodations, three meals a day, all basic horseback riding, and daily housekeeping services. Our rates reflect an optimum, exclusive number of guests, personalized service, and an excellent riding program. (Return To Top)

2.2 Starting Dates and Length of Stays
You may begin your stay on any day of the week. The minimum stay is three nights. (Return To Top)

2.3 Check-in/Check-out Times
Check in time - 4:00pm (1600hrs)
Check out time - 2:00pm (1400hrs) (Return To Top)

2.4 Children
We are very happy to welcome children to our ranch. (Return To Top)

2.5 Pets
Our resident four-footed friends get a little jealous of outside competition, so we are unable to accommodate pets. We'll be happy to recommend nearby pet lodges for your furry traveling companions. (Return To Top)

2.6 Swimming Pool
We have a swimming pool and a hot tub nearby. Hours for both are 8:00am - 9:00pm. There is no lifeguard on duty. (Return To Top)

2.7 Recreation Room
The Buffalo Room, or "rec" room, is complete with a pool table, ping pong, darts, and many other indoor games. We also have excellent book and video libraries in a separate video/TV room. (Return To Top)

2.8 What about the food?
We feed you three mouth-watering meals a day. Breakfast starts off with cereal, juice, eggs, bacon, cowboy pancakes, fried potatoes - made to order. Lunch ranges from chili to burritos to homemade soup and includes a full-scale salad bar, and dinner is always a satisfying, abundant meal, followed by some sinfully-delicious homemade dessert.

There are snacks and a fruit basket available if you just can't make it to the next meal, but the meals are filling. We have a full bar with a good selection of local and imported beer, wine and mixed drinks, and fruit juice, and soft drinks in the CookShack dining room, as well as coffee from dawn until way past dark.  

Meals, like riding and daily housekeeping, are included in the rates. (Return To Top)

2.9 Dress and Clothing
Dress at Grapevine Canyon Ranch is informal:  jeans and comfortable shirts. Here in the high desert, we have wide temperature variations between day and night. A jacket, sweatshirt, or light sweater may be welcome after sunset.

Boots are recommended for riding. However, if you don't have them, sneakers or closed toe shoes will suffice. No opened toed shoes please.Hiking boots or sneakers should be worn on nature walks. A long-sleeved, light-weight shirt is good for riding in the warmer months. Layering is an effective way to cope with the early morning chill and the sunny afternoon warmth. It's easier to remove shirts and sweatshirts than ride back and get them.

Of course, don't forget your swimsuit if you would like to use our pool and hot tub. (Return To Top)

2.10 Miscellaneous Items
We strongly suggest you bring the following items:

  • A camera and lots of film!
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Skin and lip moisturizer
  • Sun screen (Return To Top)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the water shortage we will no longer have laundry facilities on the premises.

2.11 Visiting Mexico
You now need a passport to visit Mexican border towns. If you are not an American citizen, you must have an American multi-entry visa, otherwise Uncle Sam might not let you back in. (Return To Top)