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  • Eve With Comanche and Tuffy
    Eve came to Arizona in 1972 from Australia, where she had worked as a flight instructor in the city of Melbourne, Victoria, and she found cattle ranching to be a good substitute for the thrills of flying. She met her husband, Gerry, on a cattle round up, and together they began the Grapevine Canyon Guest Ranch. Some ten years later they bought the adjoining Cobre Loma Ranch and added the cattle business to the guest ranch business. Gerry died in 2006, and Eve continues to run both ranches with the help of her excellent staff, who are also her friends.
  • Sarah Head Wrangler
  • Colleen
  • Meagan - Wrangler
  • Thomas Wrangler
  • Carlos - Head of Maintenance - with friend K9
  • Cody - Maintenance
  • Bonnie - Reservations
  • Ruth - Cook
  • Marilyn
  • Nancy - Guest Services
  • Dusty - Wrangler
  • Jim - Maintenance
  • Danny - cowboy
  • Ed - Kitchen Manager


Come join our family at Grapevine Canyon Ranch!

There are 13 of us on staff. We are a close knit, mutually supportive group of people, and we welcome positive, upbeat and outgoing persons who wish to make a commitment to a guest ranch position and the guest ranch way of life.

Most of us live on the ranch and therefore share not only work space but off duty time as well, so it is important for us all to get along with each other. We all have a high level of motivation and self reliance, and management here is not interested in people who have to be supervised - everyone knows their job and does it.

We offer good pay, steady year round employment, good staff accommodation (if available and if off ranch living is not an option) company HMO plan, dental plan, two weeks vacation per year, two days off a week plus bonus days off, and some fun staff incentives, such as use of the ranch facilities - horseback riding, pool and hot tub, library, video room and so on, always remembering that guests, of course, come first.

Guest gratuities are left at the office and shared equally with all full time employees, and are divided in full each pay day. Payday is every two weeks, and vacations are taken every six months, in order to keep people fresh, rested and service oriented.

We have a zero tolerance policy on drugs (drug test may be required), drunkenness, whining, negativity, and unhelpfulness, both to guests and other staff members, which includes the horses.

In lesser infractions, there is a “Three Strikes and You’re Out” policy: first a warning, if that is not heeded, then a second warning, and again, if not heeded, a pink slip.

Many of our staff have been with us for many years - the longest twenty years.

We are interested in seriously minded people who want full time occupation in lovely, friendly surroundings, who wish to stay with us for a long time.

Current Employment Opportunities

All positions are currently filled.

Working at Grapevine is not just a job but rather a way of life.  All of us who work here enjoy the slower pace which country living affords, and the wide variety of jobs – it is the complete antithesis to the “cubicle” way of life.   We especially enjoy the different guests who come here from all over the world, and, as staff are encouraged to mix with the guests and share meals with them, we also enjoy an interesting social life.

All staff-
Work five days a week
Share in a tip pool paid every pay day
Get a twice yearly vacation for a total of ten days each, so twenty days a year
Eat all meals in the dining room with the guests
Some staff housing available